Hold On, it’s Gonna be a Ride

Posted on November 10, 2015 By

As I look at my life from where I am now, I wonder what my young self would say if it knew the challenges it would encounter. Feelings of failure in school systems that didn’t teach to the learning skills I had; numerous jobs that weren’t a good match, but who knew at the time you were supposed to be happy at work? Two marriages that didn’t end with the same love they started with; cancer, a bunch of times; watching my country change from mostly kindhearted to mostly competitive.

Probably good that she didn’t know.

But then to be fair, I have to admit there have been some wonderful times, too. The abundance of books and CDs and workshops that let me choose my teachers, that let me choose my studies; the occasional jobs I had that did feed my soul; love with two good men while it was good; being free to live pretty much wherever I wanted to; finding people to surround myself with who are mostly kindhearted and letting the competitors figure their stuff out among themselves.

I guess life is somewhat like a roller coaster; there are ups and downs and turns you don’t know are coming. But in a roller coaster, you don’t even pretend you’re in control. You know the smartest thing you can do is to hold on, avoid slipping into panic, and go with the flow. (For my metaphysical friends, of course, you do that stuff, too.)

Roller coaster cars go where they’re supposed to go, they get to a happy ending somehow. In the meantime, the best we can do is hold on and enjoy the ride.