Trust, But Take Action, Too

Posted on October 20, 2015 By

There’s some drama going on with a large group I belong to and, after the initial uproar about the inappropriate behavior of the leaders, people seem to have settled into one of three positions.

One, is to hold the leaders accountable and take steps to replace them.

Another is to grumble from the sidelines but do nothing that will bring about change.

The other is to leave the leaders in place and visualize everything working out perfectly without intervention.

The latter follows the thinking that’s called the law of attraction, which is, basically, that everything is energy and what you focus on is what, in one form or another, returns to you.

I believe in the law of attraction. I wholeheartedly support the practice of visualizing these leaders, this group, eventually evolving into the vision the majority of us hold for it.

But, in the meantime, I also think it’s helpful for some people to take action!

We’re spiritual people living in a physical world. Somebody has to drive the fire truck, work in the operating room, get the kids out of bed and onto the school bus.

Sometimes it’s helpful for dream holders to be do-ers, too.



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My life is one of hope. The fortune I’ve spent on self-help books can vouch for that. The notes I take, the lists I make, the angel cards I draw – all with the hope that somehow I can make my life, myself, the world I live in better.

Hope is a good thing, I think.

Intent is maybe stronger.

But in the middle of a hope-filled, intent-filled life, do I take time to notice what I’ve created and enjoy it? Should I go on hope fasts, say once a month – where I stop looking at what might be and just enjoy what is?





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I’ve spent most of my life as a writer, but it wasn’t writing that motivated me – it was communicating thoughts, sharing what I discovered with others who might find it interesting or helpful.

I’m not writing books anymore, but I still have the urge to share, and that’s why I’m restarting my blog.

I intend to post three times a week, and the posts will be tips I might put in a book if I were still writing them, questions to ponder, and perhaps an occasional rant (but only in the kindest way, of course).

As a bonus, I’m offering several of my out-of-print books free for you to download.

So here’s my share for today:

It’s easy to remember that the roads I take when I get into my car will determine where I end up: the market, the library, or a friend’s house for lunch.

It’s harder to remember that the stories I tell, the thoughts I let occupy my mind, the old behavior patterns I slip into will also determine where I end up: happy or overwhelmed, optimistic or frustrated, satisfied or victimized….

I need to remember to set my intention each morning, be clear on what kind of day I’d like to enjoy, and then choose the stories, thoughts, and behaviors that will get me there.