Rethinking Words We Use to Judge Ourselves

Posted on December 3, 2015 By

It was suggested to me that I make a list of words that were used to judge me as an earlier person – that is, while I was still a puppet moving as others directed me to.

Fickle came to mind (according to Google: changing frequently, especially as regards one’s loyalties, interests, or affection), because I scattered my attention rather than sticking with one group of people or interests or beliefs. Being fickle, I was led to believe, was a bad character trait; something I should work to change.

But now, I can offer another definition (according to me): inquisitive, open minded, willing to learn, to explore. It’s worked well for me, and hasn’t harmed anyone that I can tell.

Sensitive, as in too sensitive, was another word I was judged by. It was something I was told I should work to change. Told by whom? Most likely, by people who were less sensitive than I am.

But isn’t the sensitivity that makes it painful for me to see people hurting each other – often on purpose, sometimes with others promoting it for ego- or monetary gain or watching for entertainment – isn’t that sensitivity an important part of contributing to a world where all can be safe and as happy as possible a good thing?

Is our world in the condition it’s in because we’ve taught ourselves to be less fickle? We choose a position and refuse to budge even when our position hurts thousands or hundreds of thousands of others?

Is our world in the condition it’s in because we’ve taught ourselves to be less sensitive? Less sensitive to the pain and fear, the hunger and ignorance of people we don’t know; less sensitive to the greed and bullying of people who only look to make life comfortable for themselves and their chosen groups?