Scary Times

Posted on February 2, 2016 By

It scares me to see how far Donald Trump has gotten in the contest for the White House. To be the leader of the free world. To have our relationships with countries that, let’s face it, we need to cooperate with, left in the hands of a man whose code of conduct is “My way or the highway.” While this thinking is fun to entertain, surely we know it doesn’t work in the real world unless we literally don’t care what happens next.

It scares me that the welfare of a nation filled with people who struggle to find work that pays enough to feed a family, pay for healthcare, education for their children, is decided by a man whose father left him his wealth and who has declared bankruptcy four times.

It scares me to think that he apparently leads nearly half of our country in thinking that is racist, sexist, ageist, and against everything else that requires us to be tolerant, to allow for people to be who they are and not always who we’d like them to be.

I hope, I pray, that the anger that supports Trump for President will soon be tempered by reason. I don’t think I’d be exaggerating to say that if Donald Trump wins the presidency, life as we know it will change; and not in a good way.