What If: Part 2

Posted on November 29, 2015 By

On one weekend, unusually high winds in Norway generated 140% of the energy it needed, allowing the country to send the excess along to Germany, Norway, and Sweden.

Why haven’t we invested more in this renewable resource? Better than staying locked into fuel sources that are dangerous to mine and ravage the land.

In Sweden, thirty-two recycling plants produce heat for 810,000 households and electricity for 250,000 private houses.

We have trash; we recycle! We could do that!

Norway, Austria, and Spain have prisons that remove dangerous people from society but treat them humanely and focus on rehab.

It seems too many of our prisons are violent, teach no helpful life- or work skills, and release prisoners angrier than they were when they went in. They do learn skills; ones that help them become better criminals, not ones that help them get jobs.

Surely we could do better than we are.